Through the VOIS Specialized Procedures for Fisheries (VOIS | FILI), the fishing permits applied for can be recorded and managed in simple steps up to the final printout – adapted to the respective national legislation.

All About fishing licences

The fishing permit, which is regulated in the Marine Living Resources Amendment Act is a Permit which allows the holder to fish in South African based on approved conditions. The VOIS | FILI module allows for a paperless environment with added benefits which includes mobile access to the public.

The VOIS-technical Procedure Fishing licence (VOIS | FILI) and its operations assistants, the requested fishing licences are recorded in simple steps up to the final approval – adapted to the respective national regulations. Plausibility checks or the possibility to request additional information directly from VOIS or external databases support the clerk in the registration. The automated deadline and task monitoring “reminds” of the levy of fishing fees or the extension of fishing permits. The Technical Procedure VOIS | FILI integrates perfectly into the software modular VOIS. The automatic connection to other VOIS-technical procedures, such as ET.

The reporting system represents a significant added value. The uniform look-and-feel as well as the same or similar process and program logic facilitate daily material processing in the citizen's offices or citizen services.

The Technical Procedure VOIS | FILI offers, among other things, the following functions:

  • Application entry
  • Registration of the various fishing licences, Web and Mobile App
  • Extension of fishing permits
  • Deadline monitoring
  • Management of the fisheries regulations
  • Submission of fees to the Fisheries Authority
  • Fisheries law
  • Communication with all the authorities involved
  • Electronic signature in each operation
  • Uniform available electronic file on all applied technical procedures