New generation software – The modular system for the integration of municipal administration procedures

What is VOIS?

To date, the specialized procedures used in the (municipal) administrations are tailored to the individual departments and experts. However, it does not matter to the citizens who are responsible for their problem or concern. For example, in the last few years, especially in the municipal and municipal administrations, central contact points have been set up for citizens: citizens' offices (Kiosks) to supply Citizen Services.

What is missing, however, is the necessary interoperability, communication and compatibility of the individual professional procedures. This changes with VOIS. The new and innovative concept of VOIS is its architecture, a modular system that provides both a software side and an organizational platform for the integration of different technical procedures – from the domiciliary to the business and the application of driving licenses – etcetera.

For modern, citizen-friendly administrations

Whether data center, metropolitan or 500-resident community: VOIS can be used flexibly and thus always meets the requirements of a modern administration.

Uniform look and feel

With a uniform look-and-feel, a modern web interface and process logic that is the same or similar across all integrated technical processes, VOIS meets the requirements of all the different departments. In the development of VOIS, the user experience and the UI-design have met the requirements of usability and software ergonomics (EN ISO 9241) from the outset.

The VOIS specialist procedures

A large number of specialist procedures are already integrated into VOIS.

Getting started

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