With VOIS | DRIVE you can work on all matters concerning driving licenses of all classes and requirements.

From issuance to extinction

All about driving licences:

The technical procedure VOIS | DRIVE is an integral part of all business transactions that occur on a national level and in a Local Traffic Department.

The identity of the person is considered as essential conditions for the issue of a driving licence (e.g. ordinary residence in the country, minimum age, etc.). Communication with internal and external data sources allows, for example, the exclusion of the possession of a driving licence of the requested class, the examination of the preconditions prior to possession of a driving licence of other classes or the clarification of suitability concerns.

After the issuance of driving licences, taking measures in case of conspicuous driving licence holders or even in the case of cancelation or suspension of the licence, the legal requirements are implemented via the notices to the relevant acts. The exchange of data with the test centre (DLTC) allows the transfer of test results to the relevant departments and the storage of results and learner licenses. Form- printing and instrument control are used, among other things, for the printing of provisional evidence of the driving licence (e.g. provisional proof of driving permit, examination certificate, international driving licences, professional driving permit (PDP) or even special licences.

The interface to the Department of Transport allows the ordering of card licences. The appointment management supports the timely re-submission of data to be controlled. The location and street directory simplify the collection of the required master data such as the addresses of the traffic departments, driving schools, test centres, courts and public prosecutor's offices as well as medical institutions, as example.

Statistics and evaluation modules help to improve the personnel needs of the department. The uniform appearance creates the ideal conditions for the personnel in the departments to be able to operate several technical procedures.