Identity Management Systems

HSH Global Software implements synchronised identity systems, incorporating all of the components necessary to manage your processes from start to finish – from providing network connectivity in rural areas, to capturing biometric identity data, and printing smart ID cards.

Paperless Application and Registration Processes

One of HSH’s core competencies is developing application procedures for enabling the issuance and tracking of documentation, such as first and reissued identity documents. Our solutions incorporate biometric live capture technology (AFIS, iris scan), and comply with ICAO standards to guarantee the ‘machine readability’ of your issued documents.

The foundation of the system is a database that only holds the basic identification information of the individual such as biometric data, name and residence. This database is used to gain correct access to customer databases, but cannot be used to create relations between individual information over different customer databases.

Enrolment of All Viable Biometric Elements

Using the latest technology we capture as many of the available viable natural identity elements (All ten fingerprints, both irises and facial) at the one time ‘ENROLMENT’ of every individual.

Many organizations are looking to continuously improve their Identity Management and protection thereof against internal or external fraud, abuse and identity theft. HSH Global Software has developed an advanced Identity Management System empowering customers to add strong Authentication and Verification of Personal Information to their business environment.