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Visit us from the 18th to the 20th of June 2019 at the ID4AFRICA – booth C9

Experience VOIS our new generation software, the innovative technology platform for modern citizen management. Be inspired by how it supports effective and responsible administration.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on our booth C9.

Your HSH team


The integrated certification authority in VOIS

You want real eGovernment? Create a real digital identity as a basis for communication with your citizens, companies and other institutions.

Encrypt and sign data and communication paths directly via VOIS according to the highest standards worldwide. Thus, also meet all requirements of the POPI Act.

With VOIS | Certificate Authority you fulfil an important factor to make the service offer legally secure (if legally permitted). The electronic signature with a certificate that was created and released with VOIS | Certificate Authority corresponds to the persons signature.


The most important features

  • Highest communication security in the provision of online services and data transport (military encryption standard).
  • Legally binding electronic signature by the service recipient (citizen, company or other authority and public institution).
  • Secure identification, as the one-time personal contact between administration and person is a mandatory part of the certification process.
  • Active control over the issued certificates with the possibility to reject, renew or revoke already issued certificates.
  • The highest level of security and protection for your personal data, in whatever form.
  • Comprehensive service offerings from the administration that can be used 24/7 in a legally binding manner.



Appointments made easy

Appointments are one of the most-liked services citizen mention when they get asked to suggest improvements, which their public administration should take into consideration.

With VOIS | CALENDAR, citizens can apply directly online to their responsible clerk. Or they apply for an appointment based on the issue that they must resolve. VOIS has an integrated fully-fledged calendar server based on international standards (webdav, caldav). The integrated server is compatible with all major calendar clients.



Synchronized Calendar: for example, MS Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar


  • Available across all VOIS specialist modules
  • Flexible and adaptable to the administrative structure
  • Individually configurable
  • Timing of content possible (Example: The citizen books an appointment for a specific application. The time is 2 hours. 2 hours will be set and booked automatically.)


Each VOIS user account gets its own calendar. It can be shared with colleagues and supervisors at any time. Appointments can be saved and shared separately (for example, private, team-related, ad-hoc, project-related, and so forth), but it is always possible to view appointments in a merged view.

These user-related calendars can be accessed from Smart-Phones, Computers, Tablets etc. because the server is compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCalendar and many more.

New VOIS module: VOIS | CSD

Complying with National Treasury's Central Supplier Database regulations
The Central Supplier Database maintains a database of organisations, institutions and individuals who can provide goods and services to government. The CSD will serve as the single source of key supplier information for organs of state from 01 April 2016 providing consolidated, accurate, up-to-date, complete and verified supplier information to procuring organs of state.

VOIS | CSD is a module of VOIS that automates the manual supplier verification process that is required by National Treasury. Automation of CSD processes reduce manual effort & operating cost and improves the procurement process, automatic seamless updating of the financial system of the Municipality / Department with the relevant supplier information as per CSD.

Value Proposition

  • Replace manual with automated handling (Example – During the procurement phase each supplier needs to be verified form the CSD several times, the manual process is time consuming and proof needs to be recorder, with VOIS | CSD this process is automated and will save time, resources and always be compliant. Checking the supplier throughout the process to comply with National Treasury)
  • Timestamps available on all verification requests
  • Automated supplier rotation based on usage, category, contract
  • Little or no effort needed from the users: With this, the responsible employees can devote themselves even more to the substantive examination, which leads to an overall improvement in the quality of procurement and cooperation with companies.

Included Functions

  • Offline availability – standby local CSD database in VOIS as redundancy in the event of unavailability of the Central Supplier Database and or network connectivity to CSD. (e.g. 1 day old)
  • Reports to demonstrate compliance to National Treasuries regulations. Audit trail built in and automatic.
  • B-BBEE reports on VOIS including automatically sending emails to selected personnel including KPI information.
  • Service to propose suppliers based on wards and B-BBEE
  • VOIS to assist for the new supplier registration from CSD in the financial system.

The module VOIS | CSD combines these capabilities into a single in-house enterprise integration hub for all internal systems (e.g. financial system) with the advantage of independence to an internet connection.

Master data clean up

VOIS | CSD will also be used for bulk supplier master data clean-up using CSD data, generate reports and automatically update supplier master data upon approval. The module VOIS | CSD combines these capabilities into a single in-house enterprise integration hub for all internal systems (e.g. financial system) with the advantage of independence to an internet connection.

VOIS | CSD is a module of VOIS | BASE. VOIS | BASE will be utilized for all back-office administrative tasks, statistics and reporting.

Many other specialized modules are already available in VOIS! Give us the opportunity to show you the advantages of VOIS | CSD and request presentation.
VOIS | CSD (pdf)

naviga/HSH Global Software started a project to improve business data in Zambia

During a small reception at the German Embassy by the German Ambassador Mr. Achim Burkart in the Zambian capital Lusaka a cooperation agreement between the Zambian government and naviga was signed on 26.02.2019.

The content of the project, which is financially supported by the “Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)”, is to improve business data at the national Patent And Company Registration Agency (PACRA) and to modernize processes.

At present, the business data, the associated documents and detailed information are stored in various databases, which either have no or only a rudimentary connection to each other. This makes the work very difficult both internally at PACRA and when passing on data to other public bodies and slows down the processes. It is the task of naviga/HSH, together with PACRA, to merge the databases in a meaningful way and to enable interfaces to other systems, which can then retrieve or view this data, depending on responsibility and need.

A few details about Zambia (the name is derived from the river Zambezi):

  • Landlocked state in Southern Africa
  • President: Edgar Lungu
  • Capital: Lusaka
  • Form of state and government: Republic/Presidential democracy
  • Population: around 17 million
  • 46% of the Zambian population is under 15 years old
  • Gross domestic product: USD 22.41 billion (for comparison Germany: USD 3.685 trillion)

HSH Global Software (Pty) Ltd. as a sister company of naviga we will support the project from Cape Town.
Our thanks go in particular to Ambassador Achim Burkart and all those involved in the discussions and negotiations, as well as to the GIZ and the AHK.


Positive identification to eliminate duplicate identities

Clear identification and allocation of personal data is a problem that is becoming more and more important. Especially in a more and more digital world, where the protection of one‘s own identity is more important than ever. We consider it indispensable that the control of the personal data lies in the hands of each individual and a transparently working public hand.

With VOIS | BIOMETRIC we offer a module within VOIS that the currently highest demands on encryption, security and access transparency are met.

Integration underpins Citizen Centricity and ultimately provides Citizens with the services they need better, cheaper and faster.

In addition to classic fingerprints, the system offers the possibility of identification by means of IRIS and/or Face ID. All possibilities of biometric recording and identification can be used independently or combined as desired.

What distinguishes VOIS | BIOMETRIC:

  • Highest encryption standard currently available
  • Separate data storage of biometric data and personal data
  • Modular design for use by other VOIS specialized programs
  • Defined interfaces for connecting external specialized programs – Integration into external systems via API’s
  • Strict logging of queries and accesses
  • Database queries close to real time
  • Avoid duplication to ensure efficient identity management
  • Identity biometrics getting attached/updated/removed over the whole life cycle
  • Identity management with a maximum of data protection and security in mind


VOIS | BIOMETRIC is a module of VOIS | PLATFORM, VOIS | PLATFORM will be utilized for all back-office administrative tasks, statistics and reporting. Many other specialized programs are already available in VOIS. Give us the opportunity to show you the advantages of VOIS | BIOMETRIC and integration possibilities.


Transparent, paperless and fast housing application system

Social housing construction is an acute topic worldwide. More and more people can hardly afford affordable housing at exploding prices. As in many other cases, this situation first affects people with little or no income. Especially in emerging and developing countries this situation is particularly dramatic, often even life-threatening.

In South Africa, the government tries to control social housing through the Department of Human Settlements and to improve the general housing situation of the lower income groups. Contrary to popular opinion, a house built with public funds is not free of charge. It can be rented or acquired. This task is delegated to the respective Municipality through the provincial administrations and is administered and processed de-centrally.

In order to process the applications better and more effectively, to ensure a secure, fast and binding communication between administration and applicant, as well as to ensure transparent and legally secure processing, we have developed VOIS | HOUSING as a specialized module for VOIS.

What distinguishes VOIS | HOUSING:

  • Modern web-based user interface with legally compliant validation, both during application and processing
  • Electronic application with submission of the corresponding documents with an intelligent assistant (Web based mobile App)
  • No manual modification of submitted applications without logging (complete transparency)
  • Processing notifications, status notifications (mail, SMS, etc.) and communication are possible to be completely electronic
  • Extensive evaluation possibilities such as waiting lists, statistics, diagrams, etc
  • Support of the clerks in the awarding of contracts according to legal requirements
  • Integrated electronic calendar for appointment scheduling to minimize waiting times
  • Integration with GIS for visual utilization overview
  • Waiting list generation
  • Applicant selection for housing projects
  • For use with Low Cost and GAP housing
  • Integration into required systems (API’s)
  • Modular design for use by other VOIS specialized programs


VOIS | HOUSING is a module of VOIS | BASE. VOIS | BASE will be utilized for all back-office administrative tasks, statistics and reporting. Many other specialized modules are already available in VOIS! Give us the opportunity to show you the advantages of VOIS | HOUSING and request presentation.

Iyabuya Consulting new member of the HSH Global Software family

Iyabuya Consulting has joined the HSH Global Software family as a partner, it is with great pleasure that we welcome Nkosinathi William and his team. Iyabuya will be selling, supporting and developing the HSH Global Software solutions in South Africa and thus extending the HSH Global Software footprint in South Africa.

Iyabuya Consulting was founded in 2001 to address the Business Applications consulting needs. They have managed and continues to attract the best and most experienced SAP consultants in the market.

Managing Director (Iyabuya) Nkosinathi William shared with us:

We plan to help our clients maintain a competitive edge by continuously helping them to improve their processes and to respond quickly to the rapidly changing IT industry. We plan to help our customers by reducing the costs and the time it takes to implement and upgrade the systems they have installed. We understand the importance of keeping the technology current. We also understand that due to the business changing needs, new and more advanced functionality is required to address these needs. The key is choosing and partnering with the right consultants.

Iyabuya is a specialist IT Consultancy, 100% Black Owned and Managed QSE.
Managing Directors: Nkosinathi William, BSc. UWC and Project Management UCT, SAP ABAP Certified
Director Finance: Mzwandile William, BSc. UWC, B. Ed (Hons) UWC, SAP Workflow Certified

Iyabuya has experience in many different industries to mention a few: Oil and Gas, Distribution, Information Systems, Education, Municipality and Government Institutions.

Their consultants have served the following companies and /or public organizations in their individual capacity: SA Education Dept. Engen, Caltex, Philip Morris U.S.A, (Richmond, VA) Merisel (Los Angeles, CA, US) UWC, Eskom, Rand Water, City Power, Vodacom.

Some of the Projects in which Iyabuya was involved as a company are the following:

  • SENTECH Solution Management Installation
  • SENTECH Master Data cleansing
  • Future Logistics Solutions
    • SAP Technical Upgrade
    • Consolidation of the SAP systems of Three different departments into one system
  • Tshwane Municipality
  • Telkom Salamis SAP R/3 4.6C implementation
  • GPG GSSC SAP CRM implementation
  • GPG GSSC SAP R/3 4.6C and SAP Business warehouse implementation
  • City of Cape Town SAP R/3 4.6C implementation

Some of the Projects in which Iyabuya is currently involved as a company are the following:

  • Msunduzi Municipality Helping with program managing and change management from the client’s side
  • Msunduzi Municipality doing system’s Quality Assurance on the SAP implementation for client
  • Msunduzi Municipality developed MSCOA proto type for the client

Iyabuya also have some of their team members at some other clients through subcontracting arrangements.

New HSH Global software partner in South Africa

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Xepa joined HSH Global Software as a partner in October 2017. Xepa will be selling and supporting the HSH Global software product range across South Africa. With the expertise of Xepa we are broadening our reach in South Africa to be client centric and ensure the best solution to our customers.

Xepa vision - To be a leading ICT solutions provider, enabling productivity and competitiveness to our clients through innovation, falls perfectly within the HSH Global Software values.

Xepa, established in 2000, is 100% black-owned and has grown into a dynamic and successful team which adheres to the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment strategy of the country.

Xepa, a BBBEE Level 1 Contributor, is an ICT Solutions Provider focusing on Infrastructure and Security Solutions and Professional and Managed Services.

We welcome Garth Francis (Managing Director - Xepa) and his team to the HSH Global software family.