naviga/HSH Global Software started a project to improve business data in Zambia

During a small reception at the German Embassy by the German Ambassador Mr. Achim Burkart in the Zambian capital Lusaka a cooperation agreement between the Zambian government and naviga was signed on 26.02.2019.

The content of the project, which is financially supported by the “Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)”, is to improve business data at the national Patent And Company Registration Agency (PACRA) and to modernize processes.

At present, the business data, the associated documents and detailed information are stored in various databases, which either have no or only a rudimentary connection to each other. This makes the work very difficult both internally at PACRA and when passing on data to other public bodies and slows down the processes. It is the task of naviga/HSH, together with PACRA, to merge the databases in a meaningful way and to enable interfaces to other systems, which can then retrieve or view this data, depending on responsibility and need.

A few details about Zambia (the name is derived from the river Zambezi):

  • Landlocked state in Southern Africa
  • President: Edgar Lungu
  • Capital: Lusaka
  • Form of state and government: Republic/Presidential democracy
  • Population: around 17 million
  • 46% of the Zambian population is under 15 years old
  • Gross domestic product: USD 22.41 billion (for comparison Germany: USD 3.685 trillion)

HSH Global Software (Pty) Ltd. as a sister company of naviga we will support the project from Cape Town.
Our thanks go in particular to Ambassador Achim Burkart and all those involved in the discussions and negotiations, as well as to the GIZ and the AHK.