System Overview

The VOIS Server is an application server which controls data read and write access. To provide optimized measures in special cases like the search of additional service components e.g. data indexes are integrated.The API Gateway manages the access of all clients and servers to the VOIS server. It is coupled to the user management and enables integration with other software. The gateway enables the same high security standards for connections from the intranet as from the internet. The included audit trail keeps an eye on 100% of all requests and can be used to monetize API calls from 3rd party applications and systems.

The VOIS Desktop Client runs typically on the desktop machines of staff members. Optionally it can be installed on laptops and would have access from the internet. For smart devices the VOIS Mobile Client (mGov) is an optimized user interface to interact with the VOIS Server.

The VOIS Server needs to integrate in existing system landscapes. Simple integrations to e.g. email servers are possible as well as bidirectional connections with e.g. accounting software.