The VOIS | PAPE (parking ticket) procedure can be used both for issuing and managing parking permits for registered and unregistered persons or companies, as well as for the registration of parking facilities.

PAPE Parking from A to Z: citizen-friendly with online operations

General software characteristics

The Technical Procedure VOIS | PAPE can be used for the issuance and management of parking permits of registered and unreported persons or companies. The subject application includes all the necessary procedures for the management of parking permits, parking facilities, concessions, stop restrictions and other exemptions, such as the reissue, extension and change due to removals or similar. Extensions can be made automatically and the necessary print files are created to create the parking documents. With the online operations for VOIS | PAPE, residents can request, extended and modify on-line parking.

With configuration settings, it is possible to decide in each module for which users, group identification and approvals can be issued. With simultaneous use of VOIS | CITIZEN a link of the reporting processes to operations in VOIS | PAPE is possible. In addition, other settings for program behaviour are possible (e.g. start and expiry of validity), which consider the onsite processes. If an address is assigned to several parking areas, the park area must also be selected. An ID number is generated automatically, but can also be assigned individually. Depending on the configuration, the type of vehicle can also be stored for the parking.


Application processing

It is also possible to assign several vehicle registrations to a parking card. When entering the license plate or registration number, a distinction is made between Local and foreign registrations. Local registrations are subject to plausibility checks. The vehicle owner can be found in VOIS in a global search and the personal data can be transferred to an existing query. During the application process, changes can be made at any time or the entire application may be discarded.

Identity printing

A form is provided for the identification printing, which can be adjusted. The identity printing can be repeated as often as desired.

Lists and statistics

Extensive evaluations can be created, saved (for periodic evaluations) and printed or exported to the issued parking or parking facilities.

Reminder functions and post-box messages

VOIS · Depending on your eligibility, PAPE can be configured to offer different notifications to the clerk. For example, after a successful reporting process of a person with a parking card or after a trade operation with a company with a vehicle parking card it can be reported if this results in changes to the parking permits.

Online features

Parking Card Online

The following online procedures are available for the VOIS-subject procedure:

  • Residents Park card
  • apply for parking card
  • Residents Park ID replacement
  • Residents park pass-change parking card (for car changes)
  • Park area
  • Search

All tasks can be completed online. No need to visit the municipal offices. The required documents (e.g. copy of the ID-Card and the vehicle license) can be uploaded during the online process. From the park area search you can go directly to the application. The address information already entered is automatically transferred. If you wish to extend a parking card, you can access the corresponding website quickly and easily via the QR-code on the parking card or on the request. The software can also be configured in such a way that the resident's parking card can be printed directly at home (print at home).

VOIS | PAPE Interface

The online application is configured easily in VOIS. The online component, among other things, transfer the configuration to the parking areas, the charges and vehicle types as well as the already issued parking ID. The application data from the online operations are also automatically transferred to the postbox of VOIS and displayed to the clerk. Online applications are processed in the parking card processing of VOIS. All documents from the online operations can also with VOIS | File be taken over.

Information Register

All parking card online transactions are provided, configured and administrated via the HSH information register. This also includes logging, billing and statistics. Via an implemented payment method, the fees can be paid online during the process and transferred to the VOIS Fee fund. It is also possible to register via the online identification function (Eid function) of the new identity card – including the transfer of the data required for the operation from the chip of the identity card. All parking card online transactions are also mobile and can be used at citizen's or self-service terminals.