The fund office administration includes the recording of fund searches, loss reports and collective deliveries, and has extensive functionalities - including the programmer extensions “Lost property office-Online” and “Lost property office-Auction”.

Lost and found office administration from A to Z

Modern citizen Service, uniform look and feel, Central basic components: The VOIS concept is used in the technical procedure VOIS | LOPRO consistently. The entire lost and found office administration including deadline monitoring are integrated into VOIS. The connection to other technical procedures, such as the reporting system, creates a considerable added value for the specialised process of lost property.

Lost and found Office Administration

The lost and found office administration includes the collection of find ads, loss reports, and collective deliveries through a task wizard. Automatic monitoring of all deadlines facilitates the daily management process. Follow-up operations, such as notices to the Finder, can automate the management process up to a nightly bulk printing. With modern search functions (Google-like), finding
things can be searched and filtered quickly and easily.

The Lost and founding procedure has a wide range of functions:

  • blank form output
  • Detection of find and loss indicators
  • Quick access to individual or group of found items via the search function
  • Creation of lists and statistics
  • Capture Detailed descriptions
  • Short letters to the Finder or loser
  • issue of prefabricated messages to the loser as well as the Finder
  • Issuing of loss certificates at the push of a button
  • Effective working through re-submission system
  • Automated archiving of completed finds
  • Memo function for loss requests
  • Automated deadline monitoring
  • Automated follow-up operations
  • Complete communication with all involved authorities
  • Electronic signature in every process
  • Uniform, available electronic file on all technical procedures used
  • Interfaces to VOIS | CITIZEN and VOIS | CASH

Lost and found-online

The lost and found office administration is complemented by a complete package of online functions: calls and questions regarding found items belongs to the past in the era of modern local government. Citizens can search for found items 24 hours per day or participate online in auctions.

Lost Property Auction

The auctioning of lost and found items as an annual event is carried out with the expansion of the program for Auctions – from the compilation of the findings to the sale with receipt printing. The following functions are available:

  • Creation of auction and publication lists
  • Issuance of auction labels with fund number and starting price
  • Compilation of auction packages from several lost items
  • Receipt Printing
  • Historical storage and monitoring of all auctions and revenues carried out
  • Completion of the process in real time at the auction or later as a collective task

VOIS | LOPRO offers a networked software solution: All departments or specialist departments can be integrated into the administrative process as required. In addition, acceptance and citizen-friendliness increase without additional effort if the found items are published on the homepage of the city, municipality or office.